The Creative Professional with Jessica Stansberry

Creative Professional Jessica Stansberry

In my latest episode of The Creative Professional, I host Jessica Stansberry, southern belle extraordinaire. Jessica can be found at, helping creative biz people get themselves organized and learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. The also co-hosts the podcast All Up In Your Lady Business and can be found on Facebook in her incredibly helpful community The Biz Tech Collective.

Here are my takeaways from the interview:

  • Balance free time with family time. Jessica has a family and makes sure to give them time and attention.
  • Take care of yourself. Jessica makes time to work out even in her business time.
  • Organization and structure are key to growth. Jessica uses Trello religiously to prioritize her tasks. She uses it for both family calendar and work to make sure she covers all the tasks she has to get completed. Her Trello obsession came through some trial and error and work with mentors like Dana Malstaff from Boss Mom.
  • Learn from people who are farther along than you. As I just noted, finding people who can help you get over the next challenge.
  • Find your one thing to get started. It’s important to start with one thing you’re really good at. Jessica’s is making the hard stuff easier with her unique way of teaching.





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Author: Conrad