The Number One Ingredient for Every Entrepreneur

If you’re reading this, you likely know the challenges of starting a business. Maybe you’re a start-up or an entrepreneur. Maybe you just want to know what the one, very most important aspect of your business should be. Well, I’m right there with you. What is this one thing?

Emotional resilience is the essential element of entrepreneurship.

Before you disagree completely (or agree too completely) hear me out. Sure, there are an infinite number of challenges facing new companies Entrepreneurs have to think through a business plan, their value proposition, raising capital and tons of other decisions.

Here is where it really counts. You have to get up every morning and go at it. It’s likely that you won’t see big results for the first year. You might not even make a profit. Yet, you still have to keep going.

For the most part, you’re doing this with a small team or even by yourself. That’s hard. Passion isn’t enough. Drive isn’t enough. You have to be able to take the lumps and keep going.

Are you reading this and thinking to yourself, “Tell me something I don’t know!” Ok, here it is. You can do this! You are completely capable of making this happen. Here’s how:

Start Your Day Right

Start your day just like you are going into a job. Get a shower, have breakfast, get dressed. This allows your mind wake-up and prepares you for the day.

You also won’t feel like a bum the rest of the day because you still have morning breath at 2:00 and your pajamas cause strange looks at the coffee shop down the street when you strolled in.

Have a Plan

When you worked, you had a plan for your day, right?! Maybe you weren’t the one to plan it, but you had a plan. Your boss isn’t here to do that for you anymore. That’s the point of being your own boss.

You’re the boss, so report into yourself (and check up on your progress).

I like to do most of my creative work in the morning when my mind is fresh. I save all the technical stuff and other dreary tasks for later in the day. That way my best time goes toward the most important work.

Create Some Deadlines

It’s too easy to give yourself a break when you own the company. Those important tasks can wait. But they really can’t if you want to be successful.

My best plans involve a calendar and some hard deadlines. I schedule my social media posts, my projects and even my follow-up connections with clients. That way I know when I should get everything done.

Make It Simple

Running a business can get complicated. Having too many tasks creates a frantic mindset. Simplify your work into categories.

I have categories like accounting, content creation, client relations, and research. All of those have to happen or me to do the work. I just make it more simple by lumping those tasks together to keep my mind on the work.

That’s All?

Of course that isn’t all, but it’s enough for now. Most of the entrepreneurs I talk to regularly have their own system. The important thing is to develop the system that works for you.

What did I miss? Share something from your system that helps you be the boss.


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Author: Conrad