How To Make Your Videos More Professional With Lighting

How To Professional Video Lighting

Ok people! Are you ready to start making more professional videos with lighting? Yeah?! Before we get started, think about this.

So many people are trying to leverage video as a platform. Over 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube alone. That’s not counting Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or any other platform. Video is the fastest growing platform right now.

With all that competition, it’s not enough just to make a video. Your video has to stand out. It needs to represent your brand and make you look like you know what you’re talking about. Do that, and you set yourself up as an authority. You want to be part of the influencer crowd, right?!

SO here’s the dealio.  Lighting is the easiest way to make your videos look epic! But people make four big mistakes in lighting their videos. Here they are:

  1. Under Lit and Over Lit Lighting
  2. Unbalanced Lighting
  3. Hot Spots
  4. Zero Depth

If you’re confused about those things, watch this short video where I explain each of them.

Under Lit Video Lighting

Ok, this is the worst. A lot of people just don’t light their videos at all. What I see often are videos that you can barely make out what the person in the video is doing. They’re in a shadow or not even visible.

Another mistake with under lit lighting is that the video has a lot of noise in it. Low lighting makes your camera try to compensate for the lack of light but gaining up the ISO.

Video Noise Low Light
This is the difference between video noise on the left and no noise on the right.

Either way, this makes your video look crappy and very unprofessional. And it’s easy to fix. Just shine some light on it, right?!

Over Lit Video Lighting

Over lit videos usually happen with lighting is out of balance (like my point for #2). A lot of the videos I see have problems with too much light. Too much light?! Can that happen?! Yup!

Over lit Video

Over lit videos wash out all the details. An overexposed image can’t be fixed in editing. There’s no information in that image. So it’s just as bad as under lit video.

Unbalanced Video Lighting

Another problem happens when the lighting is too bright, especially in one area. Instead of balancing the the light, the video exposes for the darker area and the subject gets a hotspot, usually on their head somewhere. Check this out.

Unbalanced Light

This shot shows exactly what I’m talking about. The background is exposed correctly, but the subject – the girl – is completely over exposed. The lighting isn’t balanced and looks amateurish.



Ok, now you’ve watched the video. What do you think? Were you making some of those mistakes?

Now worries if you have. Now you can be your own hero and fix them yourself.

If you’re unsure, get some help over in my Facebook Group. It’s a totally chill place to get feedback and help for your video needs. If you missed the challenge, you can still sign up for the rest of the content here.



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Author: Conrad