How to Make Your Video Look More Professional with Staging and Blocking

Staging and blocking aren’t just for big movie sets. You can up to perceived quality of you videos with just a couple of tips about staging. You can also use several blocking tricks to be more engaging with your audience. Here’s how.

First of all, let’s be clear about what I’m talking about. Staging is just everything in the background or midground of your video. You might have heard about staging from your realtor friends or on HGTV. Basically it’s where you place everything. And by where, I mean, some things need to be placed where no one can see them. So it’s also decluttering and cleaning. Staging makes a conscious decision about everything in your video.

Blocking is more about where the subject or subjects of you video are. It’s also where they move to if your to if your videos have movement in them. Blocking really becomes important when you start using it together with composition. More on that later.

Staging For More Professional Videos

Like I wrote earlier, the biggest tip anyone will ever give you is to be intentional with your staging. Look at everything in your scene and ask yourself (or others) what does that communicate about your scene? If it doesn’t help you convey the meaning of the video or help you connect with your audience, get rid of it.

You should also ask yourself if there’s just too much going on. A cluttered set distracts viewers from the subject. So if there’s a lot of bric-à-brac in your shot, clear it out.

One more tip about staging and brands. If you’re building a personal brand or a new business brand, staging can help you imply values. If you’re brand is all about old school scotch, staging similar to something like Mad Men can’t go wrong. If you’re brand is focused on journals for women, staging it in a wood shop probably isn’t going to connect very well. This where knowing your audience and what they like will help.

Blocking For More Professional Videos

Blocking can be a simple or complicated as you can make it. A lot of people reading this make videos where the subject never moves. That’s probably ok. But you can add a lot more to your video making by thinking through blocking.

Again, blocking is just the placement of the people in your scene and any movement they have. Blocking can be affected in huge ways by combining it with composition and framing.

Suppose you have a shot where you want to show someone using their smartphone. You could just have them framed in the same way as the rest of the shot. However, a better way to shoot it might be to have them looking down at the phone with the camera just behind it. You might also do the same shot looking over their shoulder so you can see what they’re looking at. Watch about 10 seconds of this ad I made to get an idea of what I’m talking about.


Combining staging and blocking with composition will make your videos seem much more intentional and professional. With just a little bit of effort, you can up the quality of your videos and make them stand out among your competitors. It really isn’t difficult, and it gets easier the more you do it.

Check out the accompanying video here.


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Author: Conrad