How To Get the Light & Airy Lighting Look

LIGHT AIRY video lighting fashion beauty

“How do I get that light and airy lighting that fashion and beauty vloggers use?”

I get that questions about lighting videos all the time. While a lot of fashion and beauty vloggers use ring lights, I have an easy, better solution that you can get at your local hardware store.


If you haven’t noticed, the whole fashion and beauty lighting theme has crept its way into a lot of YouTube channels and Facebook Lives. It’s not  mystery why. This kind of lighting appeals to most people who want that wide open vibe. It also doesn’t hurt that it hides wrinkles and blemishes in videos either.

Here’s what I see a lot:

LIGHT AIRY video lighting fashion beauty

This lighting set-up lights EVERYTHING on a person’s face. There are almost no shadows at all. Personally, I don’t like this kind of lighting, but I understand it for fashion and beauty vloggers. It also makes sense for infopreneurs and soloprenuers who want to get that look to build their authority.

A lot of times, this light and airy look comes from a ring light or a large lighting rig. But there’s a better, cheaper way to do this.


You might be asking yourself, why not just get a ring light and be done with it?! There are several reasons why you might want to hold off on that purchase. The first is that ring lights are expensive. They are also mostly a single use type of light. Ring lights aren’t very good a lighting anything but a person’s face up close.

That’s the next problem. Ring lights need to be fairly close to be effective. If you move them farther away than 3-4 feet, they just aren’t bright enough to create the look you want.

Ring lights also won’t fill in any area beyond your face very well. What makes more sense is a really large light that can fill in all the shadows on your face and fill in more areas as well. It would also be great to have a light bright enough to be used farther away.

Enter these construction lights.


LIGHT AIRY video lighting fashion beauty

I picked these up for $20 each. They are rated at 1500 Lumens each (very bright) and have a color temperature around 5500k. They are not dimmable, but you can control the brightness fairly easily with just a little know-how.


Here’s how to get the best, super-soft diffused light that will look like this:

LIGHT AIRY video lighting fashion beauty
Don’t I look beautiful?

If you point both of these lights directly at you, they will be harsh and bright. Too harsh for this look. That won’t work.

You could use a silk and diffuse the lights, and in other set-ups, that might be something we could do. I’ve used these lights like that and it creates a great wash of light. But…  that’s not what we’re doing here.

For this look, I put the lights about three feet in front of a white wall in front of me. They were spaced about five feet apart, and here’s the trick – they were facing away from me, projecting against the wall.

All of the light from this shot was bounced light from the wall. That effectively changes the size of your light from the size of an inch to a dozen or so feet wide and tall. That’s what makes light so diffused.

Light, when it’s diffused just changes the size of the surface of your light. That softens the shadows and makes the light less harsh.


Knowing the bounce trick now is just the beginning. The light and airy look can be changed and manipulated. Here are some things you can try.

  • Space the lights out differently
  • Change the height of the lights
  • Change the height of one light
  • Change the angle of one or both lights

Seriously! Play around with this set-up an you can really develop several different looks for your videos.

Here’s the video explaining this set-up.

You’ve probably figured out that video is the biggest growth medium right now. It used to be that just having a video was enough. Now, to grow with video, you also need to develop your authority by making quality videos. If you’re working on your videos and trying to get them looking right, check out my free ebook to help you evaluate your videos and fix them.

Author: Conrad