Conrad Know-How


If you have the know-how, anything is possible. I’m here to help you launch your next project and generate more income while doing what you love.

As you wade through all my content, here are my promises to you for what you’ll get here:

1. My PROJECTS, where I developed the methods and tools to make awesome content.

2. Helpful WALKTHROUGHS to teach you to use the tools I use. Btw, these aren’t super geeky, high-dollar wrenches. I’m just as conscious of the cost of work as you are. Trust me.

3. LOW-PRESSURE, spammy-less content that is value packed for you to succeed.

4. MY MALCONTENT. Never satisfied, I’m always looking for new, easier ways to make #allthethings happen.

Here are a couple of paths that will help you get started. It’s like one of those choose your own adventure books, right?

Choose your next step…



The biggest impact you can have on video starts with great lighting. Give me a cheap camera and good lighting any day and I’ll make it work.


Great video needs great sound. Here are all the the mics, preamps, and do-dads you’ll need and the know-how to go along with it.


Equipment, software and the accessories that make it all work better and easier. You’ll get deep dives with the products you need.