Why Finding Your Target Market Outstrips a Great Website

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Almost every conversation that I’ve had starting with, “Can you build me a website?” has devolved into a philosophical debate. That’s because why you want a website is more important than what you want on your website. It all really comes down to connecting with a target market or audience. When you take the time to develop your target, all the methods and strategies of doing that through any media increase by an incredible rate. Here is a great way to find your target.

Start With Why

Simon Sinek is right. Start with why. If you’re not familiar with his TED talk, watch this (you only have to watch two minutes to get it):

Sinek found the golden ticket for communicating value. It starts with knowing your why. That’s because understanding your target comes from a deep knowledge of how you want to change people’s lives. Before you can get to the question of how to find your target you have to have a reason to connect with them.

Think about it this way, why would someone go a Tony Robbins Date with Destiny event? It costs $4-8k plus travel. Why would anyone pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee? Is there a practical reason anyone would spend $80k for a car? When it’s said like that, it points out how ridiculous some of these purchases might seem, but to some people, it’s absolutely worth it.


Did you pick up on that last sentence? To some people, it’s worth it. That’s why finding your ‘why’ helps you find the right people.


Once you’ve done the work of finding your ‘why’, you can think about value. What happens when someone discovers you or your brand? How will their lives be different? For Tony Robbins’ event, people hope their lives are radically changed. They will become successful after the event. For Starbucks fans, they will experience a coffee ritual that millions will share with them. For the Ultimate Driving Machine, people will feel the luxury of German engineering that BMW offers.

Offering a value to everyone isn’t always helpful. Making that same offer to the right person is invaluable. Snap-on’s $2900 starter wrench set seems outrageous when you compare it to Kobalt’s 250 piece mechanics tool set for $299. I dare you to find a professional mechanic using the bargain stuff. That’s because Snap-on warranties their products for life.

Kobalt Tools
Kobalt Tools

Great brands communicate the value of their product or experience up front. They show a difference in the lives of their target audience. For the people who see that difference, it’s almost always worth it. Go back to the tool sets. A professional mechanic will wear out a set of tools. But Snap-on will replace them. So it’s worth the price tag. The average homeowner uses a set of tools a couple of times a year. They likely won’t wear them out. So it’s just not worth the extra money.


Finding your target effects your user’s experience. The right people are willing to endure much more than everyone is. Warby Parker‘s quirky brand of eyeglasses appeals to people of a certain aesthetic. They want hip looking glasses to look hip, and they’re willing to pay for it, even though they have to order through the mail. Even though you can go to a local eyeglass store and pick out a pair of glasses for much less than WP’s, some people find it worthwhile to experience their Home Try-On. So WP’s market likely pays more, waits longer and is more inconvenienced than the average eyeglasses buyer, but they have a strong user following.

Warby Parker
Warby Parker


Providing that kind of experience is only tolerable when you find the right people. Your target audience is willing to do so much more than the average person is. Remember those long lines for the newest iPhones? Apple fanboys don’t mind that experience.

That’s why finding your target is infinitely more important than how you build your website. If you want help with developing your brand and finding your target audience, I’d love to talk to you. Connect with me for a free consultation.


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Let’s start finding your target now.




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Author: Conrad