You can explore as much as you want, but most of the help on this site follows one of three paths. Think of it like one of those choose your own adventure books. You can start anywhere and move through each adventure however you want. You can also find useful content through the search feature.


If you're wanting to up your video skills, take the video path. There are walk-throughs, lessons, courses and tips for you to learn everything you need to create professional looking videos. I do my best to explain all those pesky technical details so that you don't have to be a rocket scientist or feel like your reading Video for Dummies.


If you're designing graphics, this is your path. You'll find resources, design help, guides and how to's for creating graphics in lots of popular styles. All of these posts are grounded in the basics of fundamental design principles, so no matter what you see, it will work in many of your challenging contexts.


This path is the magic behind the scenes work. This isn't a logo or even a style-guide. Branding is what makes all of your work, work for you. It's the thoughtful process of developing your public image. This path gives you the process I've used with countless companies to help them connect with their target audience.