Best LED Light for Video for Around $100

Cheap LED Light Video Youtube

This $100 LED light might just be the best video upgrade you could make for the money. Find out for yourself if it’s worth the upgrade.

Last week I told you about the best $50 LED light I found. It blew me away with its size and brightness. That light went into my camera rig immediately. But I also saw a companion LED light that I just had to try. Here it is.

LED Light for Video

This LED light, like the previous one I mentioned, is made by Yongnuo. Instead of the 216 LEDs the $50 light had, this one has 600. 600 LEDs! Whew! It’s bright!


Now, you might be thinking, why would I ever need a light that bright? Isn’t that a bit of overkill? Not really, if you know what this light is designed to do. Let me explain.

The LED light I mentioned last week was crazy bright too, but it was a spotlight. It directs a massive beam in a tightly controlled cone of light. This light is much less designed to do that.

Instead, this light is more like an area light. It can light a subject and also the background around it. If you’re a vlogger, you could use this as your single key light and also a background light. It’s that bright.

It come with a dimmer, so you don’t have to use it full power, but I like having it there just in case I need it.

One other thing. Since this LED light has a lot of LEDs, it’s bigger, allowing it to look more diffused. A larger light will always look more diffused, so this light could be used to create a wash of light instead of a spot.


So let me give you the specs for the YN600. This light is 5500k, which is daylight balanced. It has a >90 CRI, which means it will have a pretty good color temperature consistency, especially through the dimming cycle.

The controls on the back are easy to understand and convenient. Two battery slots accommodate standard PNF style batteries if you need to use this light with a battery. You can also switch between batteries or use either or both.

There’s a dimmer, which is what most people will use frequently. One button allows you to make coarse or fine adjustments to brightness.

You can also operate this light with the included remote and through a smartphone. This is super convenient when directing yourself because you don’t have to play the back and forth game with the lights and camera adjustments for brightness.

One other thing that worth mentioning. This LED light has a fan. It doesn’t run all the time, and while it was running, I never really heard it. If I looked at it and saw it coming on, and was close enough, I could hear the faintest whisper. It was never a problem intruding on my videos.

Watch the video for a more hands-on look, but I would recommend this light to almost anyone.

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Author: Conrad