Hi, I’m Conrad. At least that’s what my grandfather always called me.

I started Conrad Know-How because I want to help you:

  • Make amazing content
  • Connect with your audience
  • Monetize all that so you can have the kind of life you dream about

Sound good?!


I’m probably a lot like you. I worked for years (too many to count if you can only count to 15) in a jobby-job making great content for beans. They weren’t even magic beans.

In my previous career, I designed websites, created graphics, made videos, developed brands for the companies I worked for and taught other people how to do all that. Basically, I did everything I was asked to do to make the companies I worked for look good.

I’ve done that long enough to say, with almost no quiver in my voice, that I’m pretty good at it.

That’s what I want to do with this site – help people look awesome with all their content.


Really? You want to know more? That makes my day!

The easy part of being me is that I’m completely curious about everything. Seriously, if someone would just pay me to search for the answers all day, I would be pretty happy. Research is my happy place.

The hard part about being me is I’m an over-sensitive malcontent. I’ve done a lot of work to make lemonade out of that lemon.

That part of my personality that cringes when I see the details go astray actually helps when used in communication. You’ll see a lot of my mistakes creative learning techniques, and then the ways I improve them, as my self-criticism raises its head.

On the plus side, I can be fairly fearless when it comes to trying something new. I’ve conducted orchestras, played in jazz clubs, renovated houses, apprenticed with a mechanic, and conquered the biggest challenge most people face (gulp) public speaking.


What led me here is two-fold. First, I was always helping friends with their communications challenges. One of those friends went on to become so successful that I realized I had something to offer. The other was a launch of a subscription service for social media graphics which sold over $6k in the first month.

I’ve worked with large and small companies, established businesses and start-ups to help them monetize their media.

And now I’m sharing all my know-how so others can do the same.

Are you ready to get started?

Check out my paths page to find an entry point. You can also join my Facebook group for more personal feedback from the growing community there.



Can I send you more great ways to make awesome content? I promise to only send you quality content that will help you grow your business.